Investment & Wealth Structuring

Anthony Jimenez & Company is able to advise on, plan and coordinate the formation, administration and governance of wealth holding and investment structures for various different objectives, roles and purposes.

Investment and wealth structuring is the establishment and arrangement of legal vehicles to invest, house and hold the assets belonging to an individual or to a family. It is common that clients of investment firms will have, or will be in need of, some form of asset holding legal structure, be it in a personal or business capacity, from which they invest and hold their assets.

Investment and wealth structuring has become an increasingly important area for consideration due to the introduction of complex world-wide regulation and tax legislation, which affects individuals across the globe. In today’s environment, sophisticated and detailed advice on structuring is required given the heightened complexity of the legislative and regulatory landscape.

The overall goal of a structure is driven by the client’s end objectives (e.g. tax optimisation, privacy and anonymity, succession planning, asset protection, etc). The underlying assets can range from standard tradable securities (e.g. stocks and bonds) to real-estate, to private equity, to alternative investments such as yachts, aircraft and art.

Effective structuring takes into consideration matters such as asset protection, privacy and anonymity, tax optimisation, succession planning, regulatory licencing, and event risk (e.g. death, divorce, bankruptcy). High-calibre investment and wealth structuring advice should also consider the need for combining advice from “onshore” and “offshore” legal and tax professionals in order to deal with the complexities of multi-jurisdictional planning.