Transactional Advice and Support Documentation

Anthony Jimenez & Company provides a range of advisory and support services for an investment firm undertaking, overseeing or coordinating a corporate transaction irrespective of its size. This service includes advice on the transaction itself, putting together the respective legal teams and investment banks, production of documentation, negotiating terms with the other side, and coordinating with other advisors working on the matter.

Investment firms are entrepreneurial cores which attract talented, innovative, commercially driven partners, employees and clients. This naturally leads to a steady flow of private corporate transactions and projects, either undertaken by the firm in principal or overseen and coordinated by the firm for their clients. Examples of such transactions and projects that investment firms may find themselves regularly involved with include, but are not limited to, the following mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructures, capital raising, management restructures, joint ventures, business carve-outs and transactional due diligence.

Anthony Jimenez & Company provides a cost-effective, advisory and drafting service for documentation frequently used by investment firms for day-to-day business matters. Anthony Jimenez & Company has its roots in the financial services industry and understands the requirement for investment firms to have access to support and transactional documentation.

Each document is drafted specifically for the matter at hand and is bespoke and tailored based on instructions from the investment firm. It is important for investment firms to have an efficient support service which can produce on-demand, tailored documentation for day-to-day business matters at a cost-effective rate to enable a firm to continue to attract business, complete deals and generate revenue.